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I'm Phoeby, a product designer 🎨 and plant lover 🌵 based in London.

Current Role

Currently I am in the Service Design team at Marks & Spencer.

Working across in-store services including Self-checkout, M&S Cafe kiosk and click and collect kiosks. Also aiding in omnichannel services such as booking appointments whilst also assisting in content modelling whilst M&S shifts to a new CMS.


Service design, information architecture, stakeholder management, user flows, user research, customer and colleague interviews, prototyping, content modelling


Since graduating with an MEng in Engineering and Architectural Design from The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) in July 2021, I've gone on to develop my visual communication skills by working on Machine Learning illustrations for Lightning Ai, and product design skills by working at The Lowdown and Marks & Spencer.

With a background in engineering and architecture, transitioning to user experience and interaction design means I tackle my work with a focus on usability, holisticness and design thinking. Since working in the Service Design team at M&S, I have improved my ability to design with the environment in mind. I also have experience in content modelling and information architecture.

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