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Digital café improvements

Improving the journey and implementing new features


In the M&S cafes, the team noticed that customers were unsure when their items are out of stock on the ordering kiosk and additionally which items have 'special' or 'featured' add-ons. Whilst working with a third party company (CS), we needed to design within their constraints whilst ensuring a seamless customer experience


Clear messaging to let customers know when something is out of stock and updated feature blocks to encourage customers to explore and try something new


CS added the designs to their roadmap, allowing the new features free of charge. Results still pending from upsell enhancements.


Phoeby Narenthiran (Product Designer)

Sneha Das (Product Manager)


We travelled around to kiosks to understand how competitors are highlighting new products and letting customers know items are out of stock. We found that there were a lot of cognitive overload in upsell and poor contrast within out of stock messaging.

Digital Cafe Discovery - Comp analysis - upsell.jpg
Digital Cafe Discovery - Comp analysis - out of stock.jpg

We mapped out the existing journey to understand which part of the journey would be impacted by the changes in messaging, and we also leveraged this to find out from CS about the build constraints.

Digital Cafe Discovery - Flow.jpg

We also ran multiple rounds of unmoderated usability tests to understand customer sentiment with different upsell messages. We wanted to ensure it wasn't disruptive to the customer journey and provided them with enough information to fully understand their options.

Final designs

The key design elements:

  • Implementing new 'feature blocks', in the main menu and product landing pages.

  • New upsell option - image and text adaptable with a badge to highlight to the customer the benefit

  • Adding icons to surrounding upsell options to improve clarity in information

  • Out of stock messaging that ensures customers can still see the product offering if they wish to return

  • Products should be shown in order of availability (bug shown in the image below!)

Digital Cafe Discovery - Final designs.jpg

What's next?

Since it's been live we've been monitoring multiple bugs including the order one mentioned above! We hope to do more customer intercepts and observations to further improve these features.

What did I learn?

  • Although the need for upsell was predominately a business need, through the design we improved the overall messaging which in turn allowed customers (and in this case coffee bean enthusiasts) to have full transparency and understanding before purchasing their items

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