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Redesigning the navigation for The Lowdown


The nav-bar was an element of The Lowdown’s website that was purely functional. Behaving like a simple list, the nav-bar provided users with simple means of locating the information they needed. However, there were many bugs and uncomfortable interactions such as contraception types getting lost in a lengthy scroll, or the nav-bar not fully describing what the new priorities of The Lowdown were, and future launches.


A clear multi step 


The redesign improved most of the journey, especially during the rebrand. Overall there was a preference to stick with table service.


Phoeby Narenthiran (Design & UX Lead)

Alice Pelton (CEO)

Marija Ziterbart (CTO)

Georgia Gallant (Social Media & Copywriter)

+ SEO, Medical professionals


The first step was laying out all key elements of the site and using FigJam and Figma to try alternative arrangements (card-sorting), to identify what could stay in the Footer, and what were the priorities for the Nav-bar.

Nav-bar - IA.png

Iterations were created in collaboration with a copyrighter, the CEO and developers.

Nav-bar - iteration 1.png
Nav-bar - iteration2.png

Final designs & analysis

nav-bar optimised.gif

Unfortunately the new nav-bar wasn't tagged appropriately but we managed to use excel and google analytics to review the 'next page' activity. Overall minor improvement but further qualitative testing was definitely needed!

Nav-bar - analysis.png

What's next?

What did I learn?

  • The layout of information is important for users to find information but is also largely governed by business needs, and in an early-stage start-up many parts of the user needs can be compromised. Therefore, a large part of this was advocating for the user and encouraging a user-focused product.

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